Do you deliver everywhere ?

No, we do not deliver.

Would it be messy to eat ?

Absolutely no ! We have taken utmost care to design a self

sufficient packaging, which allows you to eat your food and

then dispose off the plates.

Do you use “HALAL” meat?

Yes, the meat used by us is Halal.

Do you undertake bulk orders ?

Yes we do take bulk order and our party packs are specially

designed for this. You can also call us on 1-703- 953-3700 to

place bulk orders.

Do you serve boneless product?

Yes, we have both bone-in and boneless options avaliable

We're addicted, but my kids don't like spicy foods. Do you have options they can eat?

Yes, all food is made fresh to order and with a separate kids menu you

have the choice to get any meal mild.