• O M G!!!!!! This place has chickpeas that will literally blow your mind!!! Seriously, I find myself craving them all the time. I always order the spicy lamb karahi for 2 with chickpeas and naan. Ive yet to try anything else here but I'm sure everything else is just as good or even better! The prices are a bit steep but it's so delicious I don't even care!
    Rheya B.
  • Excellent food and service. Ordered Goat karahi after reading some reviews. It was excellent and one of thw best karahi i ate outside of Pakistan. Staff was coordial and place was clean. Not much rush.. could be due to weekday and late in the night.
    Jamal Alvi
  • Super enjoyed eating here. it made my tummy very happy. best of all the staff was super friendly, patient and helpful. it was our first time eating Pakistani food. we've driven by and always thought it was Peruvian just bc of the name. I'm glad I saw it on yelp or I would have never have tried it.
    mimi t.
  • Every time we come into town this is the first and last place we eat. Amazing food! And excellent service! It's easy to taste the fresh ingredients and love they put into each dish.
    David Carson
  • Their goat karahi is really good. Small portion size though. Naan were also cooked perfectly. Will definitely dine here again.
    Emad Jawed
  • This place is AMAZING! The amount of food you get for the price is very good, and I can't rave enough about how delicious everything is. I will definitely be using this as our go-to Indian restaurants.
    Brie B.
  • Delicious food. Great customer service. Love this place. Can be pretty crowded on weekends.
    Muhammad Aziz
  • We found Charcoal Chicken on Yelp, read the reviews and thought the 16 mile drive would be worth it. And it was. In fact, it exceeded our expectations. Everything was delicious, from the lamb tikka to the charcoal combo. Buy the true highlight was the absolutely thrilling chicken Karahi! This is a Pakistani dish that just blew us away! To top it all off, the service was terrific. A great experience from start to finish!!!
    B E.
  • Best Pakistani in the area? I think so. Their butter chicken haunts my dreams. And the owners are really nice. Gave me a free chai while I was waiting for my take out.
    Lauren Z.
  • I'm gonna be honest, I probably go to this place at least once a week, as for a few of my friends too. Can't get enough of the Butter Chicken
    Sean Le
  • The best place ever. Delicious food with best family environment outstanding service can't ask for a better place to eat. Thank you very much all the hard work.
    Masood Omer Alokozay
  • Ate here Thursday after work and it was very good. I ordered an extra butter chicken to take home with me! #superyummy I will definitely visit again. Also the staff was very nice!
    Jennifer C.
  • Try this place on a Sunday afternoon. This is a mostly takeout place with some tables. The food was great. He had the lamb Tikka Masada and I had the goat vindaloo. The lb was more tomato tasting than most Tikka Masala we have had but it was still good just not what we expected. The lamb was just tender and tasty. The vindaloo outdid itself. It was just deliciously hot and sour without being overpowering. The goat was succulent. Born entrees came with salad and cooked chickpeas, which was very well done. I was pleasantly surprised We ordered an order of butter chicken to take home. It was amazing next day. The only thing I would take off is I wish they use a dressing on the salad. There was none so kind of weird to eat dry salad. I just use it as a palate cleanser between bites of vindaloo.
    Sharon T.
  • Excellent. The first place I ever tried karahi was here and it was phenomenal. Nice people, too.
    Joe Miller
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