6 Vegetarian Dishes To Try At Our Indian Restaurant

Have you ever been to a restaurant that claims to have vegetarian-friendly dishes only to end up with a plate of flavorless vegetables in front of you? That’s so disappointing! At Charcoal Chicken, we promise that every meal is packed with delicious flavors, textures, and aromas so you can truly enjoy the food you eat. […]


Common Misconceptions About Indian Food

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about Indian food! We know what you’re thinking: how could something so delicious be so misunderstood? Well, don’t worry! In today’s blog, we’re busting some common misconceptions and myths about Indian food and laying down the truth. If this blog gets your tummy rumbling for a tasty […]


7 Meals To Try From Our Indian Restaurant On A Cold Fall Day

Fall is almost here and we are starting to lose the long, sweltering, humid days in favor of crisp breezes and welcome drops in temperature. When the weather cools down, you’ll want to find a go-to restaurant in Chantilly, VA that will warm you right back up, and Charcoal Chicken is calling your name! Don’t […]


Indian And Pakistani Food Lingo

If you are brand new to Indian or Pakistani cuisine, looking at our menu might be a little confusing. Many of the names of our dishes are not in English, making it hard for those adventuring in different cuisines to decide what to eat when they stop by our Chantilly restaurant. But, don’t worry! In […]


Try These Charcoal Chicken Menu Hacks Next Time You Stop In

Here at Charcoal Chicken, we offer a huge menu with all of your favorite Indian and Pakistani dishes – and then some! We want everyone to love their meal at our Indian restaurant, so we are offering you a few “menu hacks” to make your meal exactly how you want it. In today’s blog, we […]

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