What To Do And Where To Eat In Chantilly, VA

Are you visiting Washington D.C. and using Chantilly, VA as your home base? Did you plan a trip to Chantilly, France and wound up in the middle of Chantilly, Virginia wondering how you got there? Are you one of the thousands of residents who call Chantilly ‘home’? Whatever your reason for being in Chantilly, you […]


Celebrate Diwali At Charcoal Chicken!

It’s that time of year again! Diwali is here and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome our friends and neighbors to Charcoal Chicken, Chantilly’s best Indian restaurant, to celebrate this special holiday. Whether you want to stop by for a traditional Indian dish that reminds you of home, or you want to grab some […]


The History Of Curry

When many people think of Indian food, they think of curry. While there are countless traditional dishes we serve at our Chantilly restaurant, curry might be the most recognizable among those who didn’t grow up eating Indian cuisine — mostly because curry, as we know it today, does not look a whole lot like traditional […]


7 Meals To Try From Our Indian Restaurant On A Cold Fall Day

Fall is almost here and we are starting to lose the long, sweltering, humid days in favor of crisp breezes and welcome drops in temperature. When the weather cools down, you’ll want to find a go-to restaurant in Chantilly, VA that will warm you right back up, and Charcoal Chicken is calling your name! Don’t […]


Indian And Pakistani Food Lingo

If you are brand new to Indian or Pakistani cuisine, looking at our menu might be a little confusing. Many of the names of our dishes are not in English, making it hard for those adventuring in different cuisines to decide what to eat when they stop by our Chantilly restaurant. But, don’t worry! In […]


It’s Not All Food – Try These Traditional Beverages At Charcoal Chicken!

Charcoal Chicken is your crave-worthy Indian and Pakistani restaurant in Chantilly, Virginia serving up traditional cuisine that everyone will love. However, while people love our kebabs, curries, and karahi, they also love our traditional beverages. Sure, you can order your meal with a Pepsi, but make sure you read about our over house drinks first […]


The Spice Of Life: Common Spices Used At Indian Restaurants

Indian cuisine is known for its intense and rich flavor created by a melody of spices. At Charcoal Chicken, we use authentic spices that are perfectly blended to create delicious flavors from our kebabs to our desserts. Today, we want to take some time to go over some of the most common spices found in […]

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