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Do you love Charcoal Chicken? So do we! We have partnered with Fivestars to ensure that our frequent customers are always taken care of. We offer regular deals (right now we’re offering 30% off of any purchase of $15 or more !), as well as rewards points for every dollar you spend at our Indian restaurant in Chantilly, Virginia.

Learn about our rewards points program below, and make sure you sign up with Fivestars so you can rack up points with every savory curry and buttery naan!

30 points earns you… a can of cola.

If you’re someone who brings your trusty refillable water bottle with you everywhere so you can save a few bucks and skip the cola, we’ve got great news for you. With only 30 points, you can snag a free can of your favorite drink at Charcoal Chicken.

40 points earns you… a small rice pudding.

If you live for delicious and sweet rice pudding, you can get one for free after you accrue 40 rewards points. Our rice pudding is the perfect way to end a savory meal. The cardamom-flavored rice pudding is made with milk and garnished with almonds, pistachios, and golden raisins. It’s the ideal sweet-but-not-too-sweet dessert.

80 points earns you… a medium side of chickpeas.

Our chickpeas, or Peshawari choley, makes an amazing side or entree. The chickpeas are cooked with onions and tomato masala into a delicious, savory dish that goes great with fresh naan. With 80 points, you can add this hearty side to your entree!

120 points earns you… a Shahi Kulfi.

If you’ve never indulged in a Shahi Kulfi on a hot Virginia day, you’re missing out. Kulfi is a traditional Indian ice cream treat on a stick that you can eat on the go. Shahi Kulfi is a popular brand of kulfi made of pure cooked milk, sugar, and natural flavors. The flavors offered are rooted in Indian dessert traditions and include almond, pistachio, mango, coconut, and others. 120 rewards points will get you this creamy and flavorful dessert.

130 points earns you… a mango lassi.

Another great treat to enjoy on a hot day, with 130 points you can get a free mango lassi. This refreshing drink is blended with fresh mangoes and our homemade yogurt. You can enjoy this with your meal or get one to-go to drink on your afternoon commute.

140 points earns you… a large side of chickpeas.

While 80 points will get you a medium side of our hearty chickpeas, you can upgrade to a large with 140 points. This is the perfect option if you’re bringing a bunch of food home for the family and there will be enough for everyone to share!

250 points earns you… a free entree (up to $15 in value).

The moment you’ve been waiting for… 250 points will get you an entire free meal at Charcoal Chicken. While some people like to use their points often to take a few dollars off of their order or indulge in a special treat, others like to save up their points until they will really pay off with a free entree. Whichever way you decide to use your points, know that you’re putting them to good use when you eat at our Pakistani and Indian restaurant in Chantilly, VA!

Start Earning Rewards Points Today!

Make sure to visit our Fivestars profile to sign up and start earning rewards when you eat at our Indian restaurant. For every dollar you spend when dining in or taking out, you’ll earn one rewards point. Check out our 100% halal menu today and stop by for a meal, pick up some food to take home to the family, or order online!

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