Craving Nihari In Chantilly? Learn About This Tasty Dish!

Weekends are a special time here at Charcoal Chicken! Every Saturday and Sunday, we put in a little extra work so you can experience slow-cooked Pakistani food in Chantilly! While a tandoor oven can cook up a tasty meal in minutes, some things take a little extra time.

One of our favorite weekend specials is nihari. In today’s blog, we’ll tell you a little bit more about this classic dish. Keep reading to learn more about nihari, or stop by to try it yourself! We serve this dish on weekends only. However, if you’re craving some delicious food during the week, stop by our Pakistani restaurant in Chantilly, VA today! Grab a quick lunch, take some food to go for dinner, or bring the whole family by for a meal everyone will love!

What Is Nihari?

Nihari is a slow-cooked stew that traditionally takes six to eight hours to prepare. It consists of shank meat and a variety of spices that meld together into a delicious, meaty, and spicy stew. It is considered a delicacy in Bangladesh and is often regarded as the national dish of Pakistan. Nihari can be made with a variety of meat, but we use beef shank in ours, making it incredibly filling — perfect for a cold afternoon!

The name nihari comes from the Arabic word ‘nahar’ which means ‘morning’. The name is fitting considering that nihari was once a popular breakfast food that Muslim noblemen would eat after their sunrise prayers. While noblemen would often nap until afternoon prayers, this hearty dish soon became a popular breakfast among the working class, laborers, and the military thanks to the hefty helping of protein available in this stew. It was just the energy boost people needed to get through a long day of work. These days, most people consider this meal a little heavy for breakfast, but it is perfect for lunch or dinner.

In Old Delhi, this food has become a staple at many restaurants and no two niharis will taste the same. This is because some restaurants will add a little bit of leftover Nihari from the day before to the next day’s pot. This leftover portion is called the taar and is thought to add a truly unique flavor to each restaurant’s dish and allows the dish to evolve over time. Some restaurants claim to have an unbroken taar chain going back decades or centuries!

Get The Best Nihari In Chantilly At Charcoal Chicken!

Every restaurant has their own recipe for nihari, and we think ours is pretty special! Come try a serving of this warming and comforting stew at Charcoal Chicken this weekend. We serve our nihari with basmati rice and fresh naan for a complete meal that will fill you up.

Charcoal Chicken is a 100 percent halal restaurant in Chantilly, Virginia serving up fresh and authentic Indian and Pakistani cuisine. Call ahead and pick up some food to take home for the family, stop by for a quick bite to eat on your lunch break, or come by with friends this weekend to try our popular nihari and fresh naan!


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