Celebrate Diwali At Charcoal Chicken!

It’s that time of year again! Diwali is here and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome our friends and neighbors to Charcoal Chicken, Chantilly’s best Indian restaurant, to celebrate this special holiday. Whether you want to stop by for a traditional Indian dish that reminds you of home, or you want to grab some food to take home to your friends and loved ones celebrating Diwali at your house, or you simply want to see what all the fun is about, we’d love to have you!

In today’s blog, we’d like to take some time to talk more about Diwali for those who might be unfamiliar with the holiday. Diwali is typically regarded as a Hindu festival, but is celebrated by most Indians of many faiths, including Jains, Buddhists, and Sikhs. It is as big of a holiday for Hindus and Indians as Christmas is for Christians.

What Is Diwali?

Diwali is a Hindu festival of lights and symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness and of knowledge over ignorance. During this time, homes, temples, offices, and stores are illuminated with bright strings of lights, lamps, and candles. This is a time for people to come together and celebrate good defeating evil. While the specificities of the festivals vary greatly from region to region, most people agree that one of the best parts of Diwali is spending time with loved ones and eating delicious food.

Each region of India celebrates different things during Diwali. For example, in some regions, Diwali is a remembrance celebration for King Rama’s return from a 14-year exile. In other regions, Diwali celebrates the day that Lord Krishna defeated the demon, Narakasura. Other areas celebrate Diwali as the day that Lord Vishnu sent a demon to rule to the netherworld. Other faiths celebrate different things on Diwali. 

How Is Diwali Celebrated?

Diwali occurs sometime in October or November each year and consists of a celebratory period of five days, with Diwali proper falling on the third day. This year, Diwali is on November 7. Traditionally, the first day of Diwali is spent cleaning the house and preparing for guests to arrive. On the second day, many people begin to decorate their homes with lamps. Some people even create designs on the floor with colorful sand or rice. The third day is the main Diwali festival. This is a day for families to get together, feast on their favorite dishes, eat plenty of sweets, and send up prayers. The evening usually ends with a fireworks display or sparklers. The fourth day of Diwali marks the first day of the Hindu New Year and is the perfect time for friends and relatives to gather together, exchange gifts, and send well-wishes for the season. On the final day of Diwali, it is traditional for siblings to get together. Typically, brothers will visit their married sisters at their sister’s house and indulge in another delicious meal.

Celebrate Diwali At Our Indian Restaurant!

While those in India will be celebrating together throughout the Diwali festival, we know that life here in Chantilly, Virginia keeps on moving. That means you might not have time to prepare a large meal for your friends and family. But thankfully, we do! So come on by Charcoal Chicken, your favorite Chantilly Indian restaurant to celebrate Diwali or pick up some food to take home.

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