All About Haleem!

If you’ve ever stopped by our Indian restaurant in Chantilly, VA on a weekend, you’ve been greeted with the decadent aroma of Haleem. There’s a lot to love about Haleem — that’s why we’re dedicating an entire blog to it! Keep reading to learn more!

What Is Haleem?

Haleem is a slow-cooked stew that is full of protein and complex carbohydrates. Because it takes hours and hours of preparation, we keep this meal as a weekend special so that we can prepare it authentically without cutting any corners. Because this stew simmers and releases moisture for hours, the final result is a paste-like consistency that is jam-packed with flavors.

There are several variations of Haleem, but it will always include wheat or barley (or both, like the Haleem you’ll find at Charcoal Chicken). Most Haleem will also incorporate lentils and some kind of meat, usually mutton or chicken. We also use various eastern spices in our Haleem that infuse this dish with a well-rounded flavor.

Where Does Haleem Come From?

Haleem is a popular dish throughout India and the Middle East, but its origins rest in an Arabian dish known as Harees. The first recipe for Harees dates back to the 10th century and the dish was said to be popular among kings and nobility. Harees is similar to Haleem in that it is prepared with water-soaked wheat and meat, however, Haleem is typically more flavorful and contains a wide variety of ingredients, making it a modern dish.

Haleem can be eaten year-round, but is especially popular during Ramadan, a holy month observed by Muslims all over the world. During Ramadan, those who are participating fast from dawn until dusk. To prepare for a day of fasting, a meal full of slow-digesting ingredients for long-lasting energy is essential, and Haleem meets those criteria.

Where Can I Find Fresh Haleem Near Me?

If you’re craving a nice serving of Haleem, stop by Charcoal Chicken on any weekend! Because this dish takes so long to prepare, many restaurants do not serve it, making fresh Haleem hard to find. Thankfully, though, if you’re in the Chantilly or Washington D.C. area, you don’t have to travel very far for Haleem. We serve our homemade chicken Haleem with basmati rice and naan, and believe us when we say this is a meal the whole family will enjoy. Stop by our Indian restaurant and dine with us or pick up an order of Haleem to go!

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