6 Vegetarian Dishes To Try At Our Indian Restaurant

Have you ever been to a restaurant that claims to have vegetarian-friendly dishes only to end up with a plate of flavorless vegetables in front of you? That’s so disappointing! At Charcoal Chicken, we promise that every meal is packed with delicious flavors, textures, and aromas so you can truly enjoy the food you eat. Below, we’re highlighting some of our favorite vegetarian dishes from our Indian-Pakistani restaurant. If you have any questions about our food or ingredients, just give us a call!

If you see anything you want to try, feel free to stop by for a quick lunch, call ahead and pick up food to take home to the family, or dine-in for a meal! We are conveniently located in the Sully Place Shopping Center off of Metrotech Drive in Chantilly, Virginia!

Saag Aloo

Saag aloo is a filling potato-based curry cooked in homemade creamed spinach and seasoned with fresh spices. Packed with hearty potatoes and nutrient-rich spinach, this is a well-rounded meal to try for lunch or dinner!


This dish warms the soul, especially when eaten over rice or with some of our fresh naan — or both! Daal is a dish of lentils cooked with onion, garlic, ginger, tomato, and fresh spices until it turns into a thick sauce.

Paneer Karahi

We offer several variations of karahi, including a paneer karahi. Paneer is a non-melting cheese, making it a great option for vegetarians who want plenty of texture in their food. Our karahi is a fragrant dish that is prepared in an onion and tomato-based gravy and topped with cilantro, sliced ginger, and jalapeno peppers. This dish is warm, spicy, and perfect for when you are looking for a heavier, filling meal.

Shahi Paneer

Another paneer dish, shahi paneer is a paneer curry cooked in a creamy tomato sauce with butter and mild spices. While paneer karahi is a little on the spicy side, shahi paneer has a more mild and almost sweet flavor.

Peshawari Chole

Originating from the Punjab, Peshawari chole is spicy and flavorsome, made with chickpeas that are cooked with onion, garlic, ginger, and tomato until it has a thick and saucy consistency.

Vegetable Biryani

We offer three types of biryani, one of which is vegetarian-friendly. Our vegetable biryani is a mixed rice dish cooked with lots of fresh vegetables and Pakistani spices and served with our mouthwatering cilantro-mint chutney along with a cucumber-tomato raita.

And More!

These dishes are just the beginning of our vegetarian-friendly meals we offer. From hearty potatoes to fresh paneer to protein-packed lentils and chickpeas, we offer dishes to fit every taste and preference. Check out our regular menu as well as our catering menu to learn about our vegetarian offerings.

Stop By Charcoal Chicken Today!

Whether you’re a full-time vegetarian, are trying to reduce your meat consumption, or simply want to try something new, we’d love to see you at our vegetarian-friendly restaurant in Chantilly, VA! Our vegetarian dishes are always fresh, always filling, and more importantly, always packed with delicious flavor!

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